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Free Marketing

With the internet came a new way to market your product and services, but sadly many companies have still not caught on. Inbound Marketing is the opposite of how it was done in the past. in the past marketers concentrated on getting folks attention through interuptions (phone, direct mail, spam email, unwanted newsletters, radio, print and TV advertising) that today just don’t work anymore. The good news is that the power of the internet and social media allows you to find just those that have an interest in your service and have a dialogue with them. With this comes credibility and new clients.

Today’s marketer utilize tools like Eloqua, Hubspot and others and with the internet can use their brains not their money to manage their brand with SEO and SEM.

There is still a purpose for using email, brochures and even advertising, but today’s lean, fast companies must recognize the transparency of the markets today and build a brand based on bringing valuable content forward. The day of meritocracy is here.


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