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Some see it as optimism versus pessimism but often it’s a matter of preference between tearing something down, or building something up. Seriously, some people naturally prefer the tear down process. Me, I’m an optimist for sure, and I’ve come to understand that rather than first focusing on what needs to be fixed, you are better off dreaming of a future state and building it. The fixes come as a part of that process, but the lens is one of positive improvement versus destructive criticism. This has worked well for me in my personal life, family and career.

When I am hiring people I look for this quality. Having hired a lot of sales people over the years, I’ve found that you don’t want someone driven by money or defeating the competition, but people who are driven by success. They thrive on knowing they were a part of building something great and take pride in it. As for money, they know if they get this part right, the money comes anyway.


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